Cannabis Revolution – Will There Be a Legal Strain Soon?

The perennial controversy between proponents and opponents of cannabis legalization may soon end. Where opponents firmly defend their position that cannabis is a drug and oppose the legalization of cannabis, the opposition strongly opposes it, claiming that cannabis is harmless and necessary for medical purposes. In the meantime, cannabis researchers and growers find a compromise and thus a solution to the dispute. The focus of cannabis researchers and growers is on creating a strain that won’t get high, but will have all the medicinal benefits.

Cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) are the two ingredients we are talking about in marijuana. The relationship between the two components is fairly simple to explain: the more THC, the less CBD, and vice versa. High levels of marijuana smoking are caused by THC. The THC level also determines how strong or less powerful the hemp is. For a long time, researchers have speculated that only mind-altering THC is also responsible for positive pain management. But in recent years, some research has shown that CBD has various effects that can be used for medicinal purposes. CBD can be used to treat schizophrenia, epilepsy, anxiety disorders, heart disease, and cancer.

Several thousand patients in the United States are already receiving treatment with various types of cannabis, which contain high doses of CBD and therefore almost no THC. Many cannabis growers who target medical cannabis are trying to grow cannabis plants that contain more CBD than THC. The main argument of breeders is that users want to know about the high pleasure effects of cannabis, but patients don’t necessarily want that effect. Martin Lee, head of the nongovernmental organization Project CBD, tells the American newspaper Washigton Post that CBD is safe and does not alter consciousness. He is clearly in favor of legalizing cannabis with high doses of CBD. CBD is not yet well researched and it is still unclear what side effects high doses of CBD might have.

Even if it doesn’t appeal to those who would like cannabis to be legalized as a stimulant, it could mean hope for patients with mental and neurological disorders.

A study by two doctors from New York University that looks at epilepsy patients and their use of CBD is coming soon. It can be said in advance that two health professionals want to show that by taking CBD, patients suffer fewer seizures.

In 2012, researchers at the University of Cologne noted that patients with schizophrenia suffered significantly less hallucinations while taking CBD.

There are several obstacles to research because the Narcotics Commission still believes that cannabis, regardless of the THC-CBD ratio, is highly addictive.

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