USA: A new survey shows that a quarter of consumers in legal states smoke hemp at work

As shown by the results of a recent social survey conducted among regular users of cannabis living in the states of Colorado, Washington and Oregon, 79% of respondents agreed with the statement that the use of the plant is still associated with a certain social stigma. Actually, for this reason, almost half of the respondents reported that they prefer to use cannabis outside the home so that members of their families, neighbors and close friends do not know about their legal, but still “shameful” passion for cannabis.

Smoking cannabis at work

Perhaps this factor explains another interesting discovery made in the course of analyzing survey data. Almost a quarter of the respondents reported that they regularly use cannabis on their way to work. Another quarter of respondents admitted using plants already in the workplace .

Data for the study was collected in January of this year, by online survey, which was attended by 900 people from three legalized states. The survey authors indicate a margin of statistical error of 3-3.3%.

In general, a survey conducted by Quinn Thomas was aimed at analyzing the demographics of cannabis consumers, as well as identifying their interests and habits in terms of plant use. Basically, it turned out that hemp, in its different forms, is surprisingly equally popular among different age, sociology-economic and ethnic groups of the population. The only thing that analysts have found is that men, on average, use cannabis more often than women (according to the survey results, 60% of respondents were men).

Smoke cannabis

Returning to the issue of stigma against cannabis consumers, it should also be noted that many of the respondents complained about the lack of reliable information on the therapeutic properties of cannabis and the possible risks of its use in public access. As noted by more than half of the respondents, mainly their source of information on these issues is the staff of hemp stores. 38% of consumers find out information about the positive and negative aspects of the use of marijuana from doctors; 26% get this information from professional hemp cultivators; 20% trust information sources with the regulatory structures of local government.

It is also worth noting that, in general, hemp is equally consumed by people of very different political convictions.

In particular, according to the survey:

  • 35% of respondents identified themselves as supporters of the US Democratic Party;
  • 26% called themselves supporters of the Republican Party and 32% did not give preference to any party.

In terms of preferences for cannabis consumption:

  • 64% reported that they regularly smoke cannabis;
  • 47% mostly consume its food form;
  • 32% use extracts for electronic evaporators
  • 23% use hemp in the form of ointments for external use.

Regarding the question of the motivation for the purchase of cannabis, 62% of respondents reported that when purchasing a product, they mainly pay attention to its price; 45% of respondents indicated a high concentration of THC in the product as a preference; 35% reported that their preferences are determined by the choice of specific categories of hemp products.

It is also curious to note that male respondents mostly prefer to visit cannabis shops alone and are more confident in their purchases than women who prefer to buy cannabis in the company and in smaller quantities.

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