Medical Cannabis for Autism.

Medical cannabis is being used more and more all over the world. The legislation of the country concerned usually defines the diseases for which it can be used. The US state of Colorado is now trying to treat autism. This was reported by the Denver Post, which wrote about prescription marijuana.

The doctor must have specialized knowledge.

No patient can obtain medical cannabis so easily. It should be examined by a specialist doctor. Not everyone is entitled to this. Alternatively, it may be a licensed psychiatrist prescribed by law.
Parents who seek help for their children with autism even need to get a certificate from two doctors. They must separately certify a “limited medical condition”.

Colorado laid the foundation for this innovation with the legalization of cannabis. It has been freely available as a luxury meal since 2014. Storage and consumption are free of penalties. According to statistics, there is one autism disease for every 59 US residents. Medical marijuana is believed to help sufferers find peace and organize their thoughts more easily.

The first attempt in 2018 failed. Former Governor John Hickenlooper made a bid. He doubted the success of the therapy, but ordered a comprehensive study.

Cannabis research for autism.

In recent years, medicinal cannabis has been increasingly used against autism. Patients struggle with anxiety, tantrums, mild irritability, hyperactivity, and more. Your emotions often ride a steep roller coaster. Correct cannabis use, especially in children, helps those affected deal with the emotional chaos. Therapeutic efforts are promising so far.

There are several reports of personal experiences online. Either the parents write about their children with autism, or the patients themselves say. It is important to distinguish between the different forms of autism. It is more than just Asperger Syndrome. What they all have in common is that they process significantly more impressions and information than usual. This is why they often seem restless and like to retire.
This stimulus processing continues at night and often causes them to sleep. Medical cannabis has a calming effect here too.

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